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Southern California's Premier Art Shows

Since 1983


With the new year approaching Coronavirus cases are setting daily records across the United States, with a 51% increase in California, West Coast Artists has had to make the decision to take a Hiatus.

Our plans to obtain Permits for our last 8 events have been derailed and our plans for the Winter Season in the Palm Springs area are facing the same situation. Experts agree that it will take until at least May of 2021 to return to any type of normalcy.

After contemplating the recent increase in virus cases, we are shelving our plans for the events until after June of 2021. This is disturbing news, we agree, but it has been financially devastating each time we have had to cancel an event and it is clear to us that we will not receive the necessary Permits for our Winter schedule nor are we able to pay fees for the permits just to have the permits revoked.

We will be working diligently on our Summer schedule in hopes that the virus will be under control by then. You can stay up-to-date on these events by visiting our website at You can also subscribe to our newsletter on this website.

Thank you for your continued support! Please stay healthy and take care of yourself. We look forward to seeing you in 2021!


Ronda Mills

West Coast Artists

West Coast Artists' shows are distinguished by scope of diversity and the wide variety of fine art. Presented are innovative works in differing styles of contemporary, traditional, modern, and southwest art for the discriminating individual or corporate collector. Hundreds of talented artists are proud to present their unique work in acrylic, collage, etchings, mixed media, oils, pencil, watercolors, digital and traditional photography.

Contemporary craftsmen present unique styles of individually handcrafted functional and decorative pottery, raku, turned wood vessels and gourd art. Among the objects of art you will find at any one of the many shows are one-of-a-kind works of sculpture in a variety of media such as bronze, clay, blown glass, paper, metal, stone and wood. Gifted artisans present their original custom designed and fabricated jewelry, art furniture, stained glass, and weaving. There is something for every taste and budget, be it a simple gift or the keepsake of a lifetime.

West Coast Artists' shows are truly a unique fusion of art, culture, and living. They are like 100 galleries at the same place and time, in a beautiful outdoor setting. Applications can be found by clicking on the Events tab.